Executive Level Operations and Finance On a Part-Time Basis

Collingwood Consulting assists startups with their operational and financial goals by acting as a part-time COO/CFO. We will help build and put into place the structure and processes needed to improve your organization’s overall performance and meet its financial goals.

Recruitment and Team Evaluation

Collingwood Consulting will help recruit key executives and employees who not only meet all job requirements, but are also a good fit for your office culture. We will put together employee teams with clear goals and expectations, as well as build review processes to ensure your office continues to run smoothly.

Collingwood Consulting’s outside-the-box thinking will help resolve any issue that arises in your company. A slowdown in productivity, a subpar business strategy, or ineffective processes, no matter the issue, we are here to help you find the solution.

Project Development

Whether you want to launch a new product or take your company to the next level, Collingwood Consulting is ready to help see your project to completion. We will help you manage all aspects of the project, including the creation of key solutions and precise timelines to keep your project on the track to success. 

New Business/Startups

With our expertise and extended network, Collingwood Consulting helps new companies develop a successful structure, win contracts, and create a clear and winning vision. We will connect you to the appropriate professionals (lawyers, accountants, etc.) to position your budding organization for funding success. Collingwood Consulting also will introduce you to vital investors (Angels, Micro-VCs, VCs).

Whether converting to a paperless office or planning to open offices in other cities, Collingwood Consulting is ready to review your plan and troubleshoot possible issues that may arise, which threaten to waste time and money. We will help you materialize your needs and vision for the project before involving an IT firm to finalize the plan.