Asset Management

Collingwood Consulting assists with the administration of assets, including real estate, equity funds, and other ventures. We will help file any subscription documents and other legal or financial documents that you need to remain compliant.

Investment Tracking

As your portfolio and assets diversify, keeping track of your assets can become cumbersome. Let our experts use the tools we’ve developed over the years in helping High-Net-Worth Individual’s track assets and easily integrate them back into their books.

Investment Diversification

We will facilitate with diversifying your investments to minimize exposure or simply to broaden your interests. 

Taxes and Tax Optimization

With the assistance of your CPA (we can also introduce you to our CPAs), Collingwood Consulting will help you strategize the best way to optimize your taxes should you experience a change in your family structure, receive a larger income due to the selling off of assets, or any other circumstance that arises.

Audits and Audit Preparation

Collingwood Consulting will organize your records, receipts, books, and other financial documents in one easy-to-access location in preparation for audits. Experience tells us that we are able to significantly reduce CPA involvements—and your audit costs!—by building organized and accessible records. We also will act as a third-party on your financial team, and schedule monthly, quarterly, and yearly reviews of all your books to make sure everything is properly categorized and accounted for. 

Collingwood Consulting will set up your accounting systems and processes, or work as a third-party to review your books and make sure they are kept in accordance to your CPA’s requirements.

Financial Analysis and Strategy

If you are unsure where you are loosing money or just want to reorganize your finances, Collingwood Consulting will help you track your income and expenses, and review your financial statements to find the best solution for you.

Creating and Maintaining Budgets

Whether you are starting a new project or would like to clearly set goals for your company or home, Collingwood Consulting will help you create comprehensive budgets that you can maintain unassisted.