Whether you want to create a charitable foundation as a personal philanthropic goal or for tax benefits, Collingwood Consulting will help get your foundation off the ground. We will set up the legal entity and assist in creating the foundation’s mission, goals, budgets, and yearly distributions. Collingwood Consulting will also oversee all tax deadlines, investments, compliance of structures and finances to state and federal regulations, and all other administrative responsibilities.

Estate Planning/Trustee/Trust Executor

Collingwood Consulting will help you strategize the best estate planning solutions for your needs. We also will act as the appointed trustee or executor of your estate should you seek to spare grieving relatives the added stress of executing your will or trust agreement. Collingwood Consulting will handle the administration and asset management of the estate with respect and empathy for your relatives during this difficult time.

Estate Management

Collingwood Consulting will help you build the processes needed to effectively manage your estates in the U.S. or overseas. We will produce estate manuals for employees and vendors, as well as help with renovation projects.

Chief of Staff

Collingwood Consulting will help recruit and manage household staff, ensuring that you are always in compliance with local and federal employment laws.

Lifestyle Concierge and Travels

We will connect you with talented professionals who can assist with anything from assembling a wardrobe that makes you feel great to planning the vacation of a lifetime. 

Passion/Interest Development

Whether you are ready to make a positive life change or wish to adapt to transition to a new job or home, Collingwood Consulting is ready to help you improve your life. We will give you the freedom and encouragement you need to pursue and develop your interests.

Collingwood Consulting will strategize your security needs. We will handle everything from making sure your home is safe, to helping you assess the risks and needs for personal security, such as bodyguards and security needs when traveling.