Our Skills 

Solutions Based

At Collingwood Consulting, we help clients solve problems both large and small. With our out-of-the-box thinking, we will investigate and analyze an issue completely to ensure that our clients get the most effective solution possible.

Highly Adaptable

Having helped numerous clients reach success within a variety of industries, Collingwood Consulting is comfortable supporting clients in any environment, providing the kind of operational and financial structure needed to thrive. 

We Expect Excellence

At Collingwood Consulting, we maintain high yet attainable standards for our staff and the people we work with.  Our culture is one of unrivaled integrity and honesty. To preserve this high standard of excellence, Collingwood Consulting is careful to employ only personnel who exemplify our value system. For each project, Collingwood Consulting assigns team members with the skill set best suited for the project and ensures everyone on the project has clear objectives and expectations reflective of our client’s vision. 

Excellent Communication

At Collingwood Consulting, we understand the importance of effective communications. Our goal is to convey information in a manner that is both clear and simple so that everyone on the project has all the facts and can work effectively.

Building Strong Relationships

Building strong relationships that are based on trust, mutual respect, support, and open communication is the hallmark of Collingwood Consulting. We take pride in our loyalty to clients and their trust in us to care for their most prized information and endeavors.

Responsibilities and Utmost Discretion

Collingwood Consulting is no stranger to carrying out high-level responsibilities, such as serving as Executor of Trusts or Power of Attorney, for our clients. We will handle your most important needs with the utmost care and discretion, guaranteed!

Completing the Puzzle

Collingwood Consulting views each project as a puzzle that we must carefully piece together. Whether you are looking for help with managing a project, building a structure and processes to strengthen your organization, or creating balance in your life, Collingwood Consulting is here to help you put all the pieces of your vision together, so that you may finally have the success you desire.

Our Principal's Bio

Isabelle Mazzoni is the Founder and Principal of Collingwood Consulting. She has built her career by supporting High-Net-Worth Individuals and organizations for the last 15 years. She first helped busy clients manage their personal lives. Later, impressed with her earnest attention to detail and drive for excellence, Isabelle was asked to help with all aspects of their business and financial life, overseeing all areas of financial management, taxes, audits and reporting requirements, and partnership and legal compliances. In 2014, she served as the Chief Operating Officer at TierView Capital, a real estate investment company of San Francisco, to expand the organization’s entrepreneurial efforts.

Prior to working for High-Net-Worth Individuals, Isabelle ran her own consulting firm for five years, creating superior-quality personalized event and travel experiences for high profile international clients from the entertainment industry and elected officials. 

In 1997, Isabelle moved from France to San Francisco to expand her horizons both professionally and personally. Isabelle is fluent in English, French, Italian, and Spanish. She is the proud single-mother-by-choice of her 5-year-old daughter, with whom she enjoys traveling and visiting local farmer’s markets to purchase fresh produce to cook up every night. Isabelle also enjoys entertaining guests at her home in San Francisco. She has a passion for all forms of visual and performing art, and has developed a talent for photography.